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December 19, 2005


John Whitehead

From SI on campus:

We wish the creators of Lost creators would friggin' knock it off. How about a real hint? How about an episode where something ACTUALLY happens?



IMO, too much happens in each episode. Who wants resolution??? Think about negative time preferences & savoring effect (George Lowenstein?; I refuse to look up cites on boxing day).

wow, good call on Hume.


Yep, well done mate, just found this page after spotting the David Hume reference in the latest episode - or maybe the scriptwriters saw this and were inspired?

I'd originally put the link between the first two characters down to a simple reference to there use of examples from a theoretical 'state of nature'.

With the latest couple of episodes' discussion of the limits of knowledge, and your highlighting of the significance of Anthony Cooper, I'm beginning to suspect the show is hinting at something more fundamental about the nature of reality on the Island.

Paul Chambers

Cool. Thanks for the update. I didn't catch it on the season finale but I googled +lost +abc +hume and found that Desmond is aka Lance Cpl. Desmond David Hume (http://msnbc.msn.com/id/12959718/ ).

Now they need characters named Ken Binmore, John Nash or John Harsanyi (a more modern econ spin).


Perhaps the actual importance of the characters being named Locke and Rousseau aren't merely that both political philosophers discussed a social contract, but instead that they both believed that natural man was good, unlike Locke's adversary Hobbes, who believe man was born evil until he entered a governed society. So perhaps there should be a new character in the 3rd season named Hobbes... a sort of Machiavellian/Hobbesian ruler...


I agree we need a Hobbes, whose premise for social order relies on a sovereign ruler. I thought Ben may have had that surname, but he is Benjamin Linus. (Possible some biblical and papal links?)

Note, we've also had (Thomas) Carlyle (Boone) who was a social writer and (Samuel) Rutherford (Shannon)who was a political philosopher paving the way for Hobbes and Locke.


"Those Trekkies loved their show" actually it is Trekkers

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