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January 17, 2006


John Whitehead

Yikes! Can you imagine the efforts drivers will take to avoid a mileage tax?

And, if there is not a more perfect tax than the gas tax then I'm the father of Angelina Jolie's baby. It does all of the things a mileage tax does, except more directly, and doesn't require a $100 gadget (isn't that a tax too?).

Jeez. And thanks for the heads-up on this piece.

John Whitehead

Another thing as a read the whole piece: a mileage tax eliminates the problems of the gas tax? What problems? (1) That people oppose it? Another tax would be welcomed by the masses? The increased gas tax in NC amounts to $15/year for the typical driver. A mileage tax costs $100 up front and then per mile? (2) Improving fuel efficiency shrinks revenues? Since when has fuel efficiency improved?

Plus, how are you going to get all gas stations up to speed with the GPS. Some that I frequent don't even let you pay at the pump.

I'm no Luddite, but I don't see any reason to fiddle with the gas tax (except raise the heck out of it).

[OK, start breathing again. Easy. Easy.]

David Andrew Taylor

Is this guy serious? Does he even drive a car? Sometimes individuals in academia get so caught up in theoretics that they miss out on real world issues, like the fact that a hummer (or 18-wheeler for that matter) would put far greater wear and tear on a road. With this mindless thinking, someone who is ecologically sound with their driving decisions pays an equal amount of road mainanance. HArdly a program that anyone would allow to be passed through.

John Whitehead

More on this at Env-Econ.

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