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September 07, 2006


Paul Chambers

Jammie scored the shirt. Awesome. I think you should wear it. It appears that it fits you perfectly.


"I'm 'this close' to 2 bills and would like to postpone that milestone a few more years."

The t-shirt size makes it appear as if that milestone has been passed. It looks nice on Jammie.

John Whitehead


All I can think of is Jed Clampit?


Or, JDC were my initials before I married an economist.


I am that "some guy" who bought Dubner's other book-- Confessions of a Hero Worshiper" Thought I might find it interesting because it is on a Pittsburgh Steelers (Franco Harris)and I taught twelve years in a school that was football crazy and one hour north of Pittsburgh. Just started it and it is a good read.

Also as some one who is slightly over 2 bills the freakonomics shirt would fit me more perfectly than John :)

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