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September 12, 2006


John Whitehead

Nice dig at I-AA! But you could have easily have inserted "Carolina Quarterback" into that sentence ;->


carolina has no qb -- two halfs do not make a whole.

Jason Dolenga

A long held tenet of the Second City and it's style of improvisation is to play "above the level of the audience". This seems like the only defense for including Clash of the Titans references in a Dancing with the Stars episode.

Sure, no one who's watching gets it, but maybe if you overhear your wife watching, and their making cool references to the Kraken, Ride (the band) and the Electrifying Mojo, maybe that's cool enough to get some additional eyeballs. Then again, if that's really a strategic move, and not just some 33 year old producer performing indulgent reference level display, I would expect that the next episode will feature breakdance (80s style) and employ Kraftwerk's "Tour De France". When that happens, I'm in...

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